Meg Quin Dussault gives a spot on performance in her role of the neurotic, flirtatious, and narcissistic Gorgeous.  —– Heather Harris, Wicked Local 9-13-13

Dussault’s character Gorgeous wants to have it all, but an unemployed husband and four children get in the way. She takes on much of the comedic relief by herself toward the middle of the second act, and Dussault displayed a keen sense of timing that’s difficult to teach.  —-– Emily O’Donnell, Sun Chronicle 9-9-13 Read the full review here.

Dussualt is outstanding with a very funny monologue in the scene “The Very First Dating Video of Rose Ritz,” which takes on a serious tone in the end.  —– Patricia Mcalpine, Sun Chronicle 10-27-10 Read the full review here.

Within a mere matter of moments, Dussault and Auld amazingly capture a lifetime of emotions experienced by real-life couples. It’s a magical scene.   —– Paul Kaufman, Wicked Local Mansfield 10-28-10 Read the full review here.

I would be remiss if I did not tip my hat to Director Meg Quin Dussault as Woman No. 4, pregnant with triplets her actions and facial reactions during her minor appearances on stage are hysterical.  —— Patricia Mcalpine, Sun Chronicle 7-23-09 Read the full review here.

“Cats” is expertly directed by Meg Quin Dussault and masterfully produced by Taunton native and Star Players founder Joel Thayer and co-producer Brian Simons. In what has become a Star Players tradition, this production of “Cats” easily rivals anything you could see on a Boston or even a New York stage.  It is without question sheer fun-filled entertainment and a literal feast for the senses.  —– Patricia Riley, Wicked Local Raynham 8-13-13 Read the full review here.